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Isaac Peel
Back end - Data -  Architecture

With over two decades of extensive full-stack experience, Isaac specializes in backend technologies while maintaining a solid footing in front-end development.


His wealth of Java knowledge and proficiency in full application development form the cornerstone of our team's dynamic capabilities.

Isaac's expertise spans from database design, application deployment, to system architecture, vital in steering projects towards success. Moreover, his passion for supporting small businesses infuses our approach, ensuring that every solution crafted is tailored to amplify and bolster their online presence.

Steph Pitts
Front End - UX - Design - Branding

With over a decade of expertise in web development, Steph is a seasoned professional experienced in various contemporary UI frameworks.


Her proficiency in Javascript and CSS is second nature, and she thrives on applying these skills in application design, user experience, and full-stack JS projects.


Specializing in assisting small businesses, Steph is passionate about guiding and actualizing their web presence. Her wealth of experience is dedicated to supporting small enterprises in crafting and executing strategies that propel their online visibility and success.

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